Often art books, illustrated books and catalogs are “under-distributed,” failing to utilize different editions within a single pressrun. An emerging artist, for example, may productively offer a signed, limited edition of his first book in combination with a limited edition print. A new book can lend credibility to an artist's career and be of marketing assistance to his galleries. Distribution through the internet is of increasing importance, and the Press can provide assistance in this process.

Effective web sites, in order to obtain wide readership, are both compelling and informative. The site's web address should be featured in other sponsor materials, including space ads in appropriate publications. Artbook Press is able to provide editorial / design services for web sites and advertising, as well as ad placement recommendations within affordable venues (including, but not limited to, Art Business News, B & W Magazine and other select publications). Most importantly, and underlying all promotional planning, is the creation of a truly appealing book!

Having waited a long time to prepare a new book, many artists, collectors and others make the mistake of including too much, attempting to create “the book to end all books.” There is a danger of doing exactly that. Books should be considered as an ongoing program, with each new volume (perhaps in a constant format) enjoying greater distribution than previously, and enhancing the circulation of previous books. Ansel Adams was a major photographer, but he became a household name only after his series of books was planned and sequentially published by New York Graphic Society

Smaller and medium-sized museums and other organizations may assume their publications are only for their members, but a well edited and designed volume can subsequently be selected for wide markets by a distributor or even a national publishing house. To cite two examples, Tim Hill secured Godine's publication of Photographs by Elliott McDowell, and publication by Abrams of Mount McKinley: The Conquest of Denali by authors Bradford Washburn and David Roberts. In the best of both worlds, client artists, collectors, museums and others can closely oversee the content of their books as developed by Artbook Press, and receive assistance in subsequently obtaining expanded distribution.